Welcome To The World Of Luxos – PVC Wall & Ceiling Panels

Company Profile :

Luxos specialize in making specialized as per the customer requirement for the profiles that we are giving our customer an advantage of cost.
Our products are being used by direct customers like Doors, Windows, Partition, Paneling, Ceiling, Portable House, Kitchen cabinets.
These panels are used in Homes, Commercial Buildings, Offices, Hotels, Restaurants & Religious Places & various other items.
These products are sold through dealer distributor network which exist on all Indian basis.
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Why Choose Luxos PVC :

1. Modern & Attractive looks.
2. Quick & Easy Installation.
3. Excellent in style & with colorful finish.
4. No change in color even after longer time.
5. Easy maintenance & cleaning.
6. Termite proof .
7. Can be used in damp areas.
8. Light weight & eco-Friendly.
9. Economical & Perfect.
10. Easily Reusable